Asher Bitansky has a proven track record of artist and business development, and an unprecedented network of professional connections in the entertainment and pro-audio industries, acquired over a forty-year journey.

Asher’s business consulting services are available to companies and artists seeking to expand their international positioning.

Areas of expertise include business development, Stage systems integration, music publishing, artist’s career and direction.

For the past 6 years, Asher has held the role of Director of Business Development at Waves Audio where he shared the honor of attending the 2011 Grammy with Waves receiving the Technical Grammy Award. Asher was a key player and instrumental force behind the establishment of the highly successful Waves Live Sound Division.

An insatiable passion for music, technology, and a strong kinship with the entertainment community, had taken the young Asher Bitansky on a journey beyond his wildest dreams.
It was an exciting era, the late sixties and for Asher, the ambiance of that era still stands the test of time.
It took a 40-year journey through the international entertainment business and adjacent technologies to experience such a broad pallet and a level of exciting encounters.

At the age of 22 Asher founded the More Group, a complex of companies dedicated to the entertainment industry. He was considered a rare bird with a unique vision, decades before the world had embraced the now common concept of a 360° entertainment company, one which embraces the wide scope of venue, club, artist management, music publishing, label, international concert promoter, television specials and documentaries, Sound&Lighting rental and sole distribution for world- renowned manufacturers– all under one roof.

As Pro Audio distributor beginning in 1978 Asher was the first to introduce household pro audio brands to the Middle East market place, including Meyer Sound, Crown Amps, Midas Mixers, Clearcom, Martin audio, Klark Teknik, Bose Professional and more.

In the mid-eighties Asher foresaw the increasing international interest in the modern West End Musicals Scene and subsequently joined forces with Andrew Bruce and Jonathan Beach of Autograph Sound (the leading supplier of sound to the West End) creating a unit that offered sound design solutions and rental services in developing markets including Italy, Greece and Israel.

Later in the eighties, he founded the Sound Design Department in Tel Aviv University and led the department for 5 years. During that period he co-promoted large outdoor concerts for the likes of Dire Straits, Foreigner, Joe Cocker and many more.

At the same time he became involved in Sound Design for large-scale outdoor opera productions. He became a member of a group of sound designers for Opera and worked with Zubin Mehta, Daniel Barenboim, The Genoa Opera House, The Grand Theatre in Warsaw, and The Berlin Opera House, Mozart’s “Magic Flute” a 1000 year commemoration in Vienna. (Set and stage design by artist Erenst Fuchs, Asher Bitansky -sound design).

In the early nineties Asher realized his longtime dream to export Israeli music and proceeded with signing artists to Geffen Records LA, BMG UK, Universal Music and more.

In 1992 Asher signed Noa the first Israeli artist to be signed with Geffen Records, the world-leading label whose roster included Nirvana, Joni Mitchell. Peter Gabriel, Gun’s N’Roses and Aerosmith.
Asher’s plan was to create an international artist that reflected the contemporary concept of a Global Village where language, country and successful radio singles are of less importance. An artist for the world outside the UK and US where Geffen did not enjoy the same strength they had with their US born artists.

In an exceptional 20 year career, Noa’s international touring history has gone well beyond 2000 concerts including sold out venues in NY’s Carnegie Hall, Paris’s Olympia, Amsterdam’s Carre and many more. She performed at Live Aid 2008, the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, the Davos World economic forum and in 1994 for the first ever, an Israeli artist, Noa performed in St. Peters square in the Vatican before Pope John Paul II.
She has performed duets with Andrea Bocelli, Sting, Zucchero, Spanish hero Joan Manuel Serrat and many more.
Noa recorded songs for major sound tracks including the title song for the Oscar winner Roberto Benigni ‘s “Life is Beautiful”, a song for James Bond’s ” Golden Eye”and Luc Besson’s The Messenger: the story of Joan of Arc.
20 years later Noa enjoys a wonderful international career without being affected by the drastic decline in the music business today not least due to Asher’s career maneuvering which resulted in a firm and loyal fan based that overcame trend changes.

Due to the diverse scope of his activities, Asher has encountered and worked with some of the leading players in music, politics, education and religion. He took the successful singer Noa to perform before Pope John Paul II in 1994, and other artists from his roster to perform before Bill Clinton at the White House. In the late 90’s, his artists performed at the Davos World Economic Forum.

As a leading developer of Israeli music and artists in the International music scene, Asher played a key role in the international career development of Noa, Izabo, Yael Naim, Idan Raichel and Avishai Cohen.

Today Asher is a sought after consultant to music and technology companies covering the ever growing challenge of combining content and technology.

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